In September 2018, Design Tasmania brought together architect and artist Feifei Feng (San Francisco, USA) and fashion and interior designer Michelle Boyde (Tasmania, AUS) for DREAMdesign, an exhibition responding to the theme for this year’s Women in Design colloquium ‘how do we create an inclusive, well-informed culture of design’.

Borrowing methodologies from social dreaming practice to explore a deeper, more emergent kind of ‘design thinking’, Michelle and Fei Fei invited participants to contribute an (anonymous) night dream using this online portal, which identifies and visualizes common themes.

Working alongside colloquium speaker Professor Susan Long, the links between dreams and themes were further explored and responded to in a 3D design outcome presented in a stunning gallery space, looking out onto Launceston’s photogenic City Park.

The resulting exhibition explores the collective dreaming materially, literally and analytically.

You can download a written paper here soon.

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